A PLM implementation can be a very daunting endeavor.  PLM will not be defined here since there is a great deal of information available on this subject from many different resources.  Instead, this will be a discussion of the scope of a PLM implementation.  A comprehensive PLM system touches all corners of a business’ product development cycle at an enterprise level.  It takes a large team, with a global reach, to properly implement and maintain a PLM system.  The cost and/or resources can prevent a smaller company from implementing a full-blown PLM system. Thus, many smaller companies choose to bypass  this area.


Patrick Pemberton Consulting is focused to help medium and small size companies implement a basic PLM system that manages the core functions of the product development process.  This enables a company to get started with basic PLM activities and develop a core understanding of PLM.  Then, in the future, as the company’s familiarity with PLM matures, additional functionality can be implemented, which if desired can lead to a large-scale PLM system.


Vendors that sell and implement PLM systems typically do so on a large scale and are costly.  Patrick Pemberton Consulting provides an economical alternative to help your company get started with PLM.


Teamcenter Installation and Configuration: Includes configuration of users, roles, projects, workflows, and other rudimentary PLM functions to fit your specific environment.  These are all items that a stock Teamcenter installation, without any configuration, does not deliver.  This provides a solid platform to grow into a more robust PLM environment in the future.
Teamcenter User Education: Your team will learn how to work with each other within the Teamcenter PLM environment.

Teamcenter configured to match I-deas TDM functions: 

Teamcenter "out of the box" with no configuration offers limited functionality. For I-deas environments, Teamcenter can be configured to give the same functionality that was available in TDM.  This provides a solid platform to grow into a more robust PLM environment in the future, without overwhelming your Designers with new, unfamiliar tasks.

Teamcenter I-deas Interface (TcII): Migration of I-deas TDM to TcII.  Your site can be converted all at once, or in phases.  Alternatively, a dual environment can be configured so that your users can move the data from TDM to TcII as needed, ensuring minimal workflow interruption.